Toronto born, 21 year old, grilled zucchini lover. The vegan lifestyle still confounds me, but I’m slowly getting there. After spending most of my life under the Organic umbrella due to childhood allergies, my mother implemented a pesticide-free/gluten-free/dairy-free/McDonalds-free life for my brother and I for about twenty years. As I started to outgrow my allergies, I started to fall deeper and deeper in love with 12 grain bagels and (almost) raw steaks. However, I came across Roxy Blaze’s book Skinny B*tch, and needless to say it helped influence one of the biggest decisions of my life. I decided to go completely vegan! After a week of cleansing, it was time to pass over the egg cartons and wine bottles… yes, wine. It was a huge life shift to make. I mean let’s be real, who gives up ice cream voluntarily?

Join me on my journey and find out why I did it and how I’m able to live off of grilled zucchini.






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