Christmas, Crock Pots and Vegan Stuffing

This year is going to be my very first MEATLESS Christmas! This means no stuffing straight from the turkey and no mash potatoes smothered in turkey gravy. WELP. The other day I was thinking about how hard it was NOT having stuffing for thanksgiving and theeeeeen it hit me, vegan stuffing! DUH.

In a few weeks, your family and will all gather around the Christmas tree at your aunts house, catching up over finger foods and red wine. The kitchen will be lined with Crock Pots, casseroles and bowls covered in tin foil. Everything wondrous, then suddenly it hits you… you can’t actually eat anything but the garnish around the meat tray. This Christmas let’s plan ahead and make sure that our plates are piled high with stuffing and mashed potatoessss! *WOOOOO*


How to survive your Family’s Christmas dinner

For many of us, especially those who come from European families, this might seem like a familiar situation…

Cadry’s Kitchen posted a few great ways to avoid feeling left out for this holiday dinner! She suggests:

  • 1. Bringing a main dish to share
  • 2. Plan ahead and seeing what other guests are bringing
  • 3. Bring a dessert

See all of Cadry’s tips here!

For those of you who are newly vegan, remember that it gets easier! Don’t feel pressured to make to perfect dish. Keep it simple. You’re surrounded by family and friends, the last thing you should be worrying about it what you’re going to be eating. Embrace your new lifestyle and get ready to start NEW traditions!

Something fun I started doing is going through blogs like OhSheGlows and MyKindOfLife and pulling some great holiday recipes. They range to five to countless ingredients if you’re up for a challenge. Every so often I try to stray from what I usually make and test out a new recipe. This week I’m going to attempt to make vegan stuffing from scratch! It doesn’t seem too difficult; but, knowing me it’ll take a few tries to master. My goal for my first meatless Christmas is to enjoy EVERY bite. 🙂 Feel free to check out my recipe page for some great vegan meals!

Let me know if you guys have any great dish ideas for the holidays!




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