the Skinny Bitch made me do it

If there is one thing I miss most about being vegan it’s cheese. From melted brie glazed in honey to thick manchego slices with Golden Delicious apples. Don’t get me wrong, vegan cheese can be just as good when its oozing out of two perfectly grilled slices of toast, but in the end nothing compares to a nice slice o’ cheddar. So why am I vegan? Why don’t I just run over to Loblaws and buy some parm? This is why:

Google imaging “Tortured Cow” was not a good idea. I feel light headed and helpless. This being said, I’m sure there are better photos to encapsulate how terrible some of these little babes are being treated, but I quite literally don’t have the stomach to look at any more tortured animals. *wipes tears*


I used to think that I could NEVER give up cheese. The thought of a cheese free life a year ago would have definitely given me anxiety. Whenever my girlfriends and I go out for a nice dinner, we go straight for the brie and crackers with a nice glass of Rose Pinot Grigio Blush… it’s the only way to spend a night with the girls after all.


Now THIS is art!

A few months ago, I was browsing through Chapters and was flipping through Roxy Freedman’s Skinny Bitch, sipping on my Grande Soy Tazo and nodding my head in agreement as she described a diet containing no meat, no fish, no eggs, no oil…and then I read it: no cheese. Excuse me? No what? Cheese was created by sweet baby angels from heaven. How could someone ever give up cheese? The brim of the cup teetered on the edge of the wooden book shelf as it fumbled out of my hands. I slammed the book shut and returned it back to its place, its back towards me. No one should have to experience this kind of lifestyle. It’s a sin to give up cheese…or so I thought.


A month later I came across Skinny Bitch again, but this time on my Aunt’s counter.  “WHO IS READING THIS?”, I spat out as soon as I saw the familiar brunette twig in a black dress. It was her, it was the Skinny Bitch. This book was haunting me. Unlike myself, my cousin (in the photo below) thought the book was genius. It’s almost as if she was proud to have bought it. Who is proud to give up all the good things in life? I didn’t understand.

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 11.49.01 pem.

very brunette and baffled that she is so happy to NOT be eating cheese.

I went back to Chapters that night, bought another Soy Tazo Chai and decided to put our differences aside. The Skinny Bitch and I could have a good thing going if we just gave each other a chance, right? I flipped back the hard, white cover, cracked the spine and started to read. One of the main things I remembered that evening was a short paragraph describing the torture of calves. I found out that because female calves are useful to dairy farmers, the males are typically killed on site for veal. The descriptive visual of baby calves with wobbly knees being herded onto the truck was truly devastating.

Bloggers VeganCrunk and HealthyTippingPoint both shared a positive review on Skinny Bitch and had recommended it as a good read for those who were considering veganism; however, TheHealthyEverythingatarian wasn’t impressed with a lot of the ingredients in the book as many of them were substitutions. Meaning that there was a large amount of egg and meat substitutes in the recipes. I understand TheHealthyEverythingtarian’s frustration because this is a vegan book, but many of the meals are based around non-vegan dishes. Though some of the recipes are shaky, the Skinny Bitch is definitely a good book to read whether you are already vegan or just curious to know about some great alternative lifestyle tips!

The Skinny Bitch may have our differences, but thanks to her, I have been able to have a better understanding of what it means to actually be vegan! It isn’t all about what you do and don’t eat, and isn’t about educating people about what YOU believe is right and wrong. To me, being vegan is about embracing life in a more positive, humane way! The Skinny Bitch taught me that together, we can make the world a more beautiful place, one kale chip at a time 😉




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